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April 16, 2023
I would like to share the incident that happened there. I asked them for a smaller cake than half kilograms. And guess what that really made it for me. I really like the way they communicate to the customers. They also delivered it for me as I had few classes in my college. I wanted that cake for a specific time. They delivered it on time. I really enjoyed their service. I would love to order from there in future as well.
Sneha kashyap
Sneha kashyap
April 6, 2023
Thank you for this lovely cake… extremely soft and tasty
Rohit Darange
Rohit Darange
March 23, 2023
Looks like a very best, and tastes like heaven. Indeed, this cake is simply amazing. Thank you so much for making our celebration greater indeed. 10 out of 10. I have ordered this cake for the first time. And it was the best of all time.
Harish Chand
Harish Chand
March 9, 2023
We are new in Siddharth extention Pkt b Near Bala sahib gurudawara and 1st time we were ordering here and glad we found Karamel Bite, the cake was amazing. I thank to owner & chef for a wonderful treat they were so humble. The kids enjoyed the cake and so did the parents, almost everyone who ate the cake took the picture of the cake shop address (so be prepared for a busy schedule). I will make more visits to this joint for any future events or just for a bite. All the best and keep doing what you are doing fantastic !!!
Sudha Chinnaswamy
Sudha Chinnaswamy
March 5, 2023
The cake was delicious😋 and it looked amazing! Thank you so much for making our celebration greater indeed. Looking forward to placing more orders with you in the future😍😍
Nitin Nepalra
Nitin Nepalra
February 25, 2023
Thanks for the yummy cake 🤟🥳🥳
Arban Khan
Arban Khan
February 24, 2023
So finally This cake made our day very very Special. Incredible Taste Amazing flavour. Must try! Thankx Karamel Bite. Packing was very good.
Alice Harris
Alice Harris
February 24, 2023
They have nice pastry flavours And they create all flavours with own recipes
Meenal Gupta
Meenal Gupta
February 22, 2023
I ordered two tier cake for my roka ceremony. Flavours were mixed fruit and chocolate belgian. The cakes were beautiful and delicious. The guests were really happy with the cake.

The best treat of all time is a cookie! They’re quite delectable and serve as the ideal post-dinner dessert in addition to being a go-to snack!

Additionally, who has ever refused a cookie? The best place to go if you’re seeking the best cookies in the Delhi NCR area is Karamelbite cakes & bakery. When enjoying a warm cup of milk or coffee with your loved ones, cookies are one of the most popular snack options. You can order a variety of the best eggless cookies in the city from Karamelbite Cakes & Bakery and have them delivered right to your doorway to satisfy your cookie cravings. Our handcrafted cookies in Delhi are freshly cooked in small batches. Some of the most popular varieties of delicious cookies include Almond cookies, Butter cookies, Pistachio cookies, Cashewnut cookies, Chocochip cookies, Chocolate walnut, Atta cookies, Musli Bite cookies, Jeera cookies, Ajwain cookies, Nan khatai cookies, Besen khatai cookies, Coconut cookies and, many more.

Best Eggless cookies supplier in Delhi

When it comes to cookies, there’s no denying that they’re delicious! The soft texture of a cookie, paired with a warm and comforting bite, makes the perfect treat for all occasions. Karamelbite Cakes & Bakery is one of the best cookie suppliers in Delhi, as we offer an assortment of delicious eggless cookies in Delhi for all tastes. From butter cookies to chocolate chip cookies, we have it all. We offer gourmet-style, baked, premium cookies that are perfect for any occasion. The richness and authenticity of our items are what sets us apart from the competition.

Karamebite cakes & bakery only utilize premium, preservative-free, fresh ingredients. The professionals choose the materials we use in our baking process carefully. We are committed to providing you with cookies that are pure in texture & flavor, so we don’t utilize processed ingredients or artificial flavors. Our components, whether fresh fruits, dairy items, nuts, super-food seeds, porridge oats, or chocolates, are meticulously selected to ensure customer satisfaction for an extensive palate of authentic and new palate flavors.

As one of the best & leading bakeries of delicious cookies in Delhi, we have recently expanded our product line to include baked goods, including eggless cupcakes, veg puffs, cream rolls, & Khari. Customers around the country highly demand these items due to their prolonged shelf life, excellent nutritious composition, delectable taste, & freshness. We offer products like Coconut macrons, Fruit cake rush, Jeera straw, Ajwain straw, Cheese straw, Masala straw, Karachi Cookies, Butter Badam Cookies, Cake Rusks, Suji Rusks, Bakery Biscuits, Salty Bakery Biscuits, and Bakery Khari under those above. Our planned fabrication processes and wholesome food options are the key factors that contributed to our massive success in the business. To deliver only the highest quality food, the offered products are also put through rigorous quality food testing procedures.

Cookies are a joy to eat.

The best treat of all time is a cookie! They are utterly delectable and make the ideal post-dinner sweet or go-to snack! From a small batch of cookies to bulk cookies, we are well equipped with the latest technology to handle large quantities of orders. Our team comprises dexterous professionals who use quality-tested material to provide fresh, delicious cookies.

Freshly Baked & Eggless Cookies in Delhi

All of our cookies are made to order and are eggless. This implies that each Karamelbite cake & bakery cookie box you get was specially crafted for you and your family. We ensure they are baked to perfection and taste great as well! We are an entirely eggless bakery in Delhi since we don’t want any of you to be hesitant to try them.

Customized Cookies Supplier in Delhi| Personalised cookies| Designer Cookies

As the best cookie and cake supplier  in Delhi, we aim to make you happy. What could be better than receiving a delicious cookie as a gift? Do you need custom-themed sugar-iced cookies in Delhi for formal occasions, birthdays, or giveaways? You’ve found the ideal site since we make themed personalized cookies in Delhi for your special events, whether they’re dessert tables or giveaways.

Select the eggless cookie design & frosting colors you like, and we’ll take care of baking them to perfection. Our personalized cookies are freshly cooked to order using premium ingredients for your enjoyment. They make an exciting dessert choice for your gathering or a unique treat to get people talking. We take great pride in making cookies that provide a special touch to any occasion. Our cookies are handcrafted just for you.
Our exquisitely crafted custom cookies, also known as sugar iced cookies, are prepared following the theme of your celebration.
Hand-iced and embellished, these butter biscuits melt in your mouth. Every single cookie is a unique work of art.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is simple: To be the best at what we do. Every cake, cupcake, and cookie is made to perfection by an expert hand. The recipe is carefully studied, so every ingredient is used in the perfect ratio. The cake, cupcake, or cookie has just the right amount of sweetness so that the flavor is not overwhelming and does not overpower the taste buds.

Online Cakes & Cookies Delivery Service in Delhi

You can get cakes & cookies in different flavors to match your event’s theme. We have an extensive menu, which will give you plenty of options to choose from. The cake, cupcakes, cookies, and other bakery products are baked fresh daily in our bakery in Maharani Bagh, Delhi, India. If you are searching for a reliable bakery & online cake delivery service in Delhi, we can help. We provide cake and cookie delivery in Delhi at any time and the best rates.

List of Best Cookie Suppliers in Delhi

Karamebite Cakes & Bakery

Karamelbite tops the list of cookies suppliers in Delhi due to their huge customer base, fast delivery service, and quality assurance. Karamelbite’s delicious chocolate chip cookie has won them a lot of hearts, and so have their other cookies. These cookies are available in various flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc. and in different shapes like round, square, and heart-shaped. The cookies are packed with pure protein, healthy fats, and fiber, and they are gluten-free too. You can order cookies for your loved ones as well as for your party guests.


Dohful describes itself as a “craft cookie company,” which signifies that they manufacture handmade cookies in extremely small amounts with only premium ingredients. Yes, they are meticulous about every aspect of cookie production, packaging, and delivery to the customer. They provide a special combination of flavors and textures that have been refined throughout time through extensive experimentation.

House Of Pie

Home bakeries like Mr. Wonka’s Chocolate Factory are reminiscent to House of Pie. It is a company that specializes in baking tasty cookies with toppings like ooey Nutella, crunchy peanut butter, and crushed Oreos. House of Pie believes in tailoring its treats to each customer’s requirements and to make them feel unique. M & M and Big Fat Chocolate Cookies are two flavors you ought to try while purchasing their cookies!

Georgia Dakota

Georgia Dakota is a wholly American bakery that specializes in selling the chewiest and softer cookies. You can enjoy these cookies without any regrets. Why? because they taste very delectable despite being created with healthy components.The Dates & Oats Breakfast Cookie, which is gooey and crispy (due to the oatmeal) at the same time, is the most popular among them. At Georgia Dakota, oatmeal is unquestionably the star ingredient, but they also offer additional flavors and combos including Ginger Cardamom, Eggless Belgian Chocolate Chip, and Flourless Molten Chocolate.

Whisk a Wish

Whisk a Wish makes unique delicacies that are created especially for its customers. They offer handcrafted, small-batch cookies that reflect their love and creativity. A few of the cookies on their menu are Oats, Nuts, and Seeds, Soft and Crunchy Nutella, Ginger Cinnamon, and Soft Oozy Chocolate.

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