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April 16, 2023
I would like to share the incident that happened there. I asked them for a smaller cake than half kilograms. And guess what that really made it for me. I really like the way they communicate to the customers. They also delivered it for me as I had few classes in my college. I wanted that cake for a specific time. They delivered it on time. I really enjoyed their service. I would love to order from there in future as well.
Sneha kashyap
Sneha kashyap
April 6, 2023
Thank you for this lovely cake… extremely soft and tasty
Rohit Darange
Rohit Darange
March 23, 2023
Looks like a very best, and tastes like heaven. Indeed, this cake is simply amazing. Thank you so much for making our celebration greater indeed. 10 out of 10. I have ordered this cake for the first time. And it was the best of all time.
Harish Chand
Harish Chand
March 9, 2023
We are new in Siddharth extention Pkt b Near Bala sahib gurudawara and 1st time we were ordering here and glad we found Karamel Bite, the cake was amazing. I thank to owner & chef for a wonderful treat they were so humble. The kids enjoyed the cake and so did the parents, almost everyone who ate the cake took the picture of the cake shop address (so be prepared for a busy schedule). I will make more visits to this joint for any future events or just for a bite. All the best and keep doing what you are doing fantastic !!!
Sudha Chinnaswamy
Sudha Chinnaswamy
March 5, 2023
The cake was delicious😋 and it looked amazing! Thank you so much for making our celebration greater indeed. Looking forward to placing more orders with you in the future😍😍
Nitin Nepalra
Nitin Nepalra
February 25, 2023
Thanks for the yummy cake 🤟🥳🥳
Arban Khan
Arban Khan
February 24, 2023
So finally This cake made our day very very Special. Incredible Taste Amazing flavour. Must try! Thankx Karamel Bite. Packing was very good.
Alice Harris
Alice Harris
February 24, 2023
They have nice pastry flavours And they create all flavours with own recipes
Meenal Gupta
Meenal Gupta
February 22, 2023
I ordered two tier cake for my roka ceremony. Flavours were mixed fruit and chocolate belgian. The cakes were beautiful and delicious. The guests were really happy with the cake.

If you’re in Delhi and your taste buds are tangoing for some delightful baked goodies, Connaught Place (CP) is the place to be. This heart of the city is not just about shopping and hangouts.It is a heaven for lovers of bakeries. Let’s dive into the scrumptious world of bakeries in Connaught Place and explore why they’re an absolute must-visit:

Buy Fresh and Scrumptious Baked Goods from Bakeries in Connaught Place (CP)

  • Freshness Guaranteed: Connaught Place (CP) bakeries ensure you get the freshest treats straight out of the oven. That aroma of warm bread? Yes, it’s here for you to find.
  • Mouth-watering Variety: Connaught Place (CP) bakeries offer a variety of options to sate your appetites, from delicate pastries to hefty loaves of bread.
  • Quality Ingredients: Top-notch bakeries in Connaught Place (CP) use high-quality ingredients, making every bite a delightful journey for your taste buds.
  • Expert Bakers: The bakers here are like culinary wizards, using their skills to craft baked goods that are as visually appealing as they are delicious.
  • Customization Heaven: Have dietary restrictions? No worries! Many Connaught Place (CP) bakeries offer options for those with special dietary needs.
  • Warm and Welcoming: Walking into a Connaught Place (CP) bakery feels like entering a cosy haven of heavenly aromas and sweet delights.
  • Takeaway Happiness: Grab your treats on the go and enjoy them while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of Connaught Place.
  • Affordable Indulgence: Enjoy a slice of luxury without burning a hole in your pocket – Connaught Place (CP) bakeries offer scrumptious treats at reasonable prices.

Different Types of Bakeries in Connaught Place (CP)

  • Classic Bakeries: These gems offer a mix of traditional and contemporary delights, pleasing both the old-school and the trendy taste seekers.
  • Artisanal Bakeries: Prepare to be amazed by handcrafted bread and pastries that are like edible pieces of art.
  • Café-style Bakeries: Combining the charm of a café with the aroma of freshly baked goods, these places are perfect for a leisurely treat.
  • Patisseries: Indulge in delicate pastries, exquisite cakes, and fine confections that are a visual and gastronomic delight.
  • Specialty Bakeries: Some Connaught Place (CP) bakeries specialize in certain treats, like gourmet cupcakes, artisanal donuts, or heavenly croissants.
  • Health-conscious Bakeries: Catering to the mindful eaters, these bakeries offer whole-grain, gluten-free, and organic options.
  • International Flavours: Embark on a global taste journey with bakeries that infuse flavours from around the world into their creations.
  • Fusion Bakeries: A quirky twist on traditional favourites, these bakeries experiment with unique ingredients and flavour combinations.

Features of Top Bakeries in Connaught Place (CP)

  • Exquisite Presentation: The goodies at the top bakeries are not only delicious but also beautifully presented – a feast for your eyes.
  • Innovative Creations: These bakeries aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, introducing new and exciting treats regularly.
  • Impeccable Hygiene: Cleanliness is a priority, ensuring that you enjoy your treats with complete peace of mind.
  • Customer-Focused: Customer satisfaction is paramount, and the staff is always ready to help you pick your perfect pastry.
  • Ambiance: Whether it’s a cosy atmosphere or a chic setup, the ambiance enhances your bakery experience.
  • Online Ordering: Many top bakeries offer the convenience of online ordering, bringing the joy of freshly baked goods to your doorstep.
  • Seasonal Specials: Get ready for festive treats and seasonal delights that capture the essence of celebrations.
  • Community Engagement: These bakeries often engage with the local community, making them not just places to eat but also hubs of connection.

Variety of Bakery Products Available at Best Bakeries in Connaught Place (CP)

  • Flaky Pastries: Dive into layers of buttery goodness with a variety of sweet and savoury pastries.
  • Crusty Breads: From rustic baguettes to soft buns, CP bakeries have your bread cravings covered.
  • Creamy Cakes: Celebrate life’s moments with luscious cakes ranging from velvety chocolate to tangy fruit flavours.
  • Delicate Macarons: These colourful, almond-based treats melt in your mouth, offering a symphony of textures.
  • Decadent Brownies: Fudgy, chocolaty, and utterly irresistible – CP’s brownies are a chocoholic’s dream.
  • Savoury Quiches: Enjoy a savoury slice filled with cheeses, veggies, and other delightful ingredients.
  • Artisanal Pizzas: Some bakeries venture into the world of savoury pizzas with gourmet toppings on a crisp crust.
  • Crisp Cookies: Whether you’re a fan of gooey centres or crunchy edges, CP bakeries have a cookie for you.

Occasions on Which You Should Order from Bakeries in Connaught Place (CP)

  • Birthdays: Celebrate another trip around the sun with a personalized cake that reflects the birthday star’s personality.
  • Anniversaries: What better way to say “I love you” than with a romantic, decadent dessert for your special day?
  • Office Parties: Boost office morale with a box of assorted pastries that turn your break room into a mini bakery.
  • Festive Feasts: Elevate your festive meals with seasonal treats that spread joy and sweetness.
  • Casual Cravings: Sometimes, you don’t need a reason – order a treat to satiate those sudden sweet (or savoury) urges.
  • Gift-Giving: Show appreciation with a beautifully packaged box of goodies that make for a thoughtful present.
  • Date Nights: Impress your date with a selection of elegant pastries that set the mood for a charming evening.
  • Family Gatherings: Turn family time into a delectable affair with an array of baked goods that cater to every palate.

So, whether you’re a visitor exploring the iconic Connaught Place (CP) or a local seeking bakery bliss, these bakeries have something to enchant every craving and occasion. Embark on a flavour-packed journey and treat yourself to the magic of Connaught Place’s bakeries – because life is too short to resist freshly baked temptation.

Cake Shops in Connaught Place (CP)

Connaught Place, fondly known as CP, is a hub of vibrant energy in the heart of Delhi. Amidst the hustle and bustle, one sweet haven stands out – KaramelBite Cakes & Bakery. Let’s dive into the sugary world of delightful treats they offer:

Online Cake Delivery by Best Cake Shop in Connaught Place (CP) - KaramelBite Cakes & Bakery

For those moments when you need a slice of happiness delivered to your doorstep, KaramelBite Cakes & Bakery steps up. They bring the bakery to your screen with their easy online cake delivery service. Imagine the joy of selecting a cake and having it arrive, fresh and flavorful, at your desired location. KaramelBite takes the cake, quite literally, as the finest online cake shop in Connaught Place (CP).

Get Wide Variety of Cake Flavours and Designs from KaramelBite Cakes & Bakery in Connaught Place (CP)

  • Diverse Flavours: From classic chocolate to exotic red velvet, KaramelBite covers a spectrum of flavours to tickle your taste buds.
  • Custom Creations: Whether it’s a quirky unicorn design or an elegant floral pattern, their cakes come in designs that reflect your unique celebrations.
  • Fresh Ingredients: Every bite narrates a story of fresh ingredients, quality, and a dash of love.
  • Eggless Options: Catering to all preferences, KaramelBite offers eggless versions of their cakes.
  • Personalized Messages: Add a heartfelt note to your cake order, turning it into a canvas of emotions.
  • Size Variations: Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand party, choose the cake size that fits your festivity.
  • Tempting Cupcakes: Don’t miss their line-up of cupcakes that are as adorable as they are delicious.
  • Seasonal Specials: Embracing the spirit of each season, their limited-time offerings are a delightful surprise.

Order Birthday Cakes Online from KaramelBite Cakes & Bakery in Connaught Place (CP)

Birthdays are incomplete without cakes, and KaramelBite understands this tradition well. They infuse the joy of celebration into every slice they create. From kids’ favourite themes to elegant cakes for adults, they capture the essence of each age with flair.

Order Delicious Anniversary Cakes Online from KaramelBite Cakes & Bakery in Connaught Place (CP)

Anniversaries mark milestones, and what better way to honour them than with a slice of heaven? KaramelBite crafts anniversary cakes that not only taste heavenly but also narrate the beautiful journey of togetherness.

Order Online Best Cakes for All Special Occasions in Connaught Place (CP) From KaramelBite Cakes & Bakery

  • Graduation Galore: Celebrate academic triumphs with themed cakes that mirror the graduate’s journey.
  • Baby Shower Sweetness: Welcome the little one with cute-as-a-button cakes that spread joy.
  • Promotions and Farewells: Bid best wishes or a fond farewell with cakes that speak volumes.
  • Friendship Feasts: Because every shared moment is a reason to rejoice, mark friendships with delectable treats.
  • Festive Flavours: Embrace the spirit of festivals with specially curated cakes that capture the essence of the occasion.
  • Just-Because Cakes: Who says you need a reason to enjoy cake? Treat yourself and your loved ones, just because!

Avail Same-Day and Midnight Delivery of Cakes from KaramelBite Cakes & Bakery in Connaught Place (CP)

Picture this: craving a slice of bliss at midnight or realizing it’s a special day just hours before. Fear not! KaramelBite swoops in with their same-day and midnight cake delivery. It’s like having a genie granting sweet wishes, any time you want.

In the heart of Connaught Place (CP), KaramelBite Cakes & Bakery stands as not just a cake shop but a creator of memories, crafting edible wonders for every occasion. Place your order, unwrap happiness, and take a bite of pure delight.

Quick Overview of Top 9 Best Cake Shops and Bakeries in Connaught Place ( CP)

Name Address Phone No. Must Haves

List of Top 9 Best Cake Shops and Bakeries in Connaught Place ( CP) that you need to try it once


Karamelbite is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding cake bakeries located in the heart of Connaught Place. Renowned for its delectable and beautifully crafted cakes, Karamelbite is a paradise for all cake enthusiasts. The bakery’s attention to detail and use of high-quality ingredients set it apart. Not only does it offer a wide range of flavors and designs to choose from, but Karamelbite also caters to the convenience of its customers by providing an online cake delivery service. This allows customers to enjoy the heavenly flavors and mouthwatering cakes in the comfort of their own homes. With its exceptional offerings and efficient delivery system, Karamelbite truly stands as a pinnacle in the cake industry.

Must Haves: Cookies, Birthday Cakes, Sugar free cakes, Anniversary cakes, Brownies, Snacks, Designer cakes, Pastries, Red velvet cake, etc.

Call: 9871299037


You have probably heard of Bakingo if you’re in CP. With its wide variety of cake flavors, this CP cake shop is sure to wow you and your loved ones. Their opulent cakes have an impact. You would need some mouthwatering flavors and types, which are available at Bakingo, the best bakery in CP, to kick up the celebration.

Their cakes are cooked using the finest ingredients and expert technique, ensuring that the recipient receives only a box that tastes amazing and tantalizes the senses.

Must Haves: Birthday cakes, Anniversary cakes, Designer cakes, Cookies, Chocolate cakes, etc.

Call: 91 8882 553 333

The Baker’s Oven

The Baker’s Oven, a much anticipated Connaught Place bakery, is known for its inventive cake baking methods. They maintain the same high standard of quality while providing affordable sweets. With an array of flavors and designs, The Baker’s Oven never fails to delight its customers’ taste buds. Their expert bakers tirelessly experiment with unique ingredients and techniques, ensuring that each cake is a true masterpiece.

Must Haves: Cakes, Muffins, Pasteries, Baked Snacks, etc.

Call: 098108 12576


Wenger’s is a landmark for many locals and is one of the oldest bakeries in Connaught Place. Most of the time, it will be crowded with folks who are obnoxiously excited about their bakery goods. A joyful start to the day is provided by the delightful old-world atmosphere and the smells of freshly baked pastries.  While Wenger’s offers a variety of dishes and sweets, you will be coming back for more after tasting their coconut doughnut.

Known For- Mutton Puffs, Cream Cake, Doughnut, Sandwiches, Chicken Patty, Apple Pie, Blueberry Waffles, Plum Cake.

Call: 07419873849

New Bharat Bakery

It’s difficult to find pastries that are both affordable and delicious, but New Bharat bakery has them. This place has an enormous selection of desserts and sweets that make one drool. Their cakes are smooth and moist, and they are adorned to catch onlookers’ attention.

Must Haves: Biscuits, Pasteries, Pineapple cake, Chocolate Muffins, etc.

Call: 9643274767

Cakes & Bakes

In Connaught Place, there’s a popular bakery called Cakes & Bakes. The cakes are all freshly prepared, and the baked goods are really delicious. You may either take your order to go or just stand here and eat because there isn’t a place to sit. Even home delivery is available. Pudding enthusiasts are free to overindulge. For those who don’t like sweets, there are always pizza sandwiches and chicken hot dogs as snacks.

Must Haves: Snacks, Puddings, Cakes, Pizza Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Cakes, etc.

Call: 954044834

Cake & O' Clock

A Cake & O’ Clock is a popular spot for mouthwatering cakes. It’s all beautifully presented and brand new. Each cake is a work of art, crafted with precision and passion by master bakers. With its warm, inviting ambiance, this bakery quickly becomes the go-to destination for dessert enthusiasts seeking unforgettable indulgence.

Must Haves: Designers cakes, Photo cakes, Snacks, Muffins, Pasteries, etc.

Call: 9716314934

Cream N Crisp

Cream N Crisp is one of the best cake bakeries in Connaught Place. Their cakes are not only visually appealing but also offer a delectable taste that is hard to resist. The bakery uses only the finest and freshest ingredients to craft their mouth-watering creations. From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to unique and innovative combinations, there is a cake for every occasion and taste preference.

Must Haves: Birthday Cakes, Designer cakes, Anniversary cakes, Chocolate cake, etc

Call: 8130447419


Floweraura stands out as one of the finest cake bakeries in Connaught Place. With its impeccable range of delightful and flavorful cakes, it has won the hearts of many cake enthusiasts in the area. The bakery is renowned for its exceptional quality and taste, offering a wide variety of flavors and designs to cater to every occasion and preference. What sets Floweraura apart is its efficient online cake delivery service, which ensures that their scrumptious creations reach customers’ doorsteps on time and in perfect condition.

Must Haves: Birthday cakes, Wedding cakes, Custom cakes, Pasteries, Designer cakes, Photo cakes, etc.

Call: 9650 062 220

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